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Growing Up in the Universe Part 1Richard DawkinsBOB
Growing Up in the Universe Part 2Richard DawkinsBOB
Going ClearScientologyBOB
Voices of ReasonRichard DawkinsBOB
ContradictionJerimiah CamaraBOB
Secret Filers on the InquisitionPBSBOB
The Power of ForgivenessAmishBOB
Deliver Us From EvilLionsgateBOB
Judgement Day Dover TrialBOB
Catholic Church is a ForceIntelligence SquaredBOB
The God DelusionRichard DawkinsBOB
The Virus of FaithRichard DawkinsBOB
Letting Go Of GodJulia SweeneyBOB
The God Who Wasn’t ThereBOB
The Nature of Existence #1BOB
The Nature of Existence #2BOB
Red White & ScrewedLewis BlackBOB
Life is Worth LosingGeorge CarlinBOB
It’s Bad For YaGeorge CarlinBOB
You are all DiseasedGeorge CarlinBOB
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